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Avtor Sporočilo
 Naslov prispevka: Zunaj o S5FF
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Pridružen: 01 Okt 2002, 12:17
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Kraj: Volčja Draga - JN65UV
star članek oz. objava o nastanku S5FF v USA

Po svetu zunaj pišejo in govorijo in širijo glas o nas in našem delu.....
Flora Fauna S5FF SLOVENIA ❤

na Amateur Radio Newsline speltnem radiu https://www.arnewsline.org/

TEXT: https://www.arnewsline.org/s/nsln2298.txt
AUDIO: https://www.arnewsline.org/s/Report2298.mp3 klikni za poslušat

STEPHEN/ANCHOR: The World Wide Flora & Fauna program has welcomed S5FF — Slovenia — and hams there are eager to share the excitement. Ed Durrant DD5LP brings us up to date.
ED: Radio operators in Slovenia held a quiet but well-earned celebration during the first full weekend in November as they marked their nation's arrival as a registered region in the Worldwide Flora & Fauna programme. It was the culmination of two months of intense effort by a team of hams including Mike Gregoric S55G, who said the team members are all experienced SOTA, IOTA and World Castles Award activators. Mike, who has been a ham since 1995, told Newsline that he realized this past summer that Slovenia needed to organize and become part of the awards programme, which would require adding a national log manager and coordinators. WWFF vice chairman Manfred Meier DF6EX and member administrator Luk Waterschoot ON4BB encouraged the Slovenian team's efforts. Mike, who serves as coordinator, told Newsline that the team pulled all the essential ingredients together, a web page, an S5 logo and the definition of all the new activation areas. Mike said that there are now 191 such sites — and the numbers are growing.
Some other possibilities are growing too: Mike hopes Slovenia's participation will encourage more portable operations and even boost amateur radio tourism from abroad. He told Newsline: [quote] "Everyone can make nature their shack." [endquote]
For Amateur Radio Newsline I'm Ed Durrant DD5LP.

LOgo-S5FF-offical_transparent-_2_-removebg-preview.png [53.16 KiB]
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73 de S55G Mitja
TRMAST KU WOSU GONIM NAPREJ SVOJO...po planu in trmi...do konca...
"Easy tasks don't make skilled artists!!! "​
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