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Prodam odlično ohranjen in brezhibno delujoč LDG AT-600 Proll – 600 W Avtomatic antenna tuner - Wimo .

CENA: 280 eur

Ogled in nakup je možen v Dravogradu ali Velenju.
Na željo kupca pošljem tudi po pošti z odkupnino.

mail: zvone.burja@gmail.com
gsm: 041 410 797 - Zvone

The LDG AT-600Pro2 closes the gap for mid-range power levels. The tuner allows a maximum power on shortwave (1.8 to 30MHz) of 600 W in SSB and CW, max. 300 W in RTTY. On 6m (50 to 54MHz) a maximum power of 250 W is possible. The AT-600Pro2 uses the proven LDG switched L network, controlled by a micro processor. This results in automatic tuning within a few seconds. The matching ranges from 6 to 800Ω on shortwave (16 to 150Ω on 6m). This corresponds to an SWR of approx 10:1 which is transformed to approx. 1.5:1.
The LDG At-600Pro2 offers two selectable coaxial antenna connectors, suitable for any kind of antenna like yagis, dipoles, verticals etc. Longwire, random wire or ladder-line fed antennas can be tuned with an optional balun. Once found matches are stored, separately for each antenna connector, in 4000 memories. This speeds up the matching process considerably.
The front panels offer two LED bar graphs, one for power and one for SWR. A single LED shows which of the two antennas is selected. Easy to operate keys offer the prossibility to change the tuning manually, this is very useful in cases where you want to match the antenna without transmitting.
The LDG AT-600Pro2 has a size of 22 x 6 x 27cm (WxHxD) and weights approx. 1.5kg. As power supply the tuner requires 11 to 16V DC, max. 750mA. Included in shipment is a DC cable.
Optional control cables are also available. But please note that the automatic tune function, which these cable offer can lead to accidental tuning with high power, possibly destroying your amplifier or tuner. Always tune with low power!
The difference between the AT-600pro2 and the AT-600Pro is a connection for an optional external analog instrument (M-600).

20171024_182453.jpg [64.36 KiB]
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20171024_182544.jpg [122.87 KiB]
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20171024_182528.jpg [108.71 KiB]
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20161105_120555.jpg [128.47 KiB]
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Zvone - S56GTA
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Vsi časi so UTC + 1 ura

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