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žal se letos EmComm meetinga v imenu ZRS ne morem udeležiti-službene obveznosti. Če bi se kdo želel...

14-16 July beings the largest gathering of Radio Amateurs in Europe and
also the largest gathering of Emergency Commuators at HAMRADIO 2017 in
Friedrichshafen. IARU Region 1 will be hosting a meeting for Radio
Amateurs interested in Emergency Communications in Room Rom on Friday
14th July between 1200-1600 local time with the following preliminary
programme ( times may change ).

1200-1230 Reports from the IARU region 1 Emergency Communications
1230-1330 Open forum for National Co-Ordinators to report on activities
in their countries.
1330-1400 Italian Earthquake response 2016 - Alberto IK1YLO
1400-1445 RAYNET-UK - What Technology should we use for emergency
1445-1515 Discussion- What is an emergency and when should we activate?
1515-1545 Discussion - How can we have an international network?
1545-1600 Close and discuss Friedrichshafen 2018

The Working language for this meeting will be English.

On 15th July between 1000-1400 the DARC will be holding their fifth
'Notfunk Universitaet' in Room London covering a wide range of topics.

The working language for the Notfunk Universitaet will be German and
more information will be available from DARC shortly."

If you have slides for a report on your countries activities then it
would be good to have them before the meeting and I can adjust the times
as needed.


Greg, G0DUB
IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator

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