Potres v Nepalu-pomoč
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Avtor:  s56wdn [ 30 Apr 2015, 17:01 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Potres v Nepalu-pomoč


Amir 4X6TT je poslal sledečo prošnjo in ker vem da je v S5 kar nekaj operaterjev z dobrimi sistemi jo objavljam tukaj.

We are in need for URGENTLY for volunteers to operate the net - on duties,
if you have or know some one with Large Antennas - High Power - in EU or NA or middle east - please contact me directly via email , skype or phone

Amir Bazak 4X6TT

Obvestilo o spremembi frekvence!!
Due to the forthcoming Italian all mode contest this weekend
the Nepal disaster frequency will move at 1400z today Thursday 30th of April until further notice.
All emergency traffic will be passed on 14300 Khz

We have established the emergency network on 14300Khz please only call if you have emergency traffic. The Maritime nets which are taking place currently in the USA should actually to our knowledge be on 14305Khz not 300 however they are currently not a major problem for those of us with beam antenna's. The net will continue until this has been resolved with the ITU. All non emergency traffic is to be passed on 14215Khz as normal

Tukaj pa še en prispevek 9N1AA

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