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Avtor Sporočilo
OdgovorObjavljeno: 06 Apr 2008, 18:24 
S5 RPT Manager

Pridružen: 20 Jan 2002, 01:00
Prispevkov: 1098
Kraj: Sevnica
On Monday, 7 April 2008, starting approximately at 14:52 UTC, there will be a contact between the ISS and the Osnovna Škola Pazin, Pazin,
On the ISS, the call sign OR4ISS will be used by Garrett Reisman
KE5HAE. This is a direct contact with the ham radio ground station
9A7P located on Site of this event. At this time we believe to get the
audio from this contact via Skype to feed into EchoLink by Gaston Bertels
ON4WF. Please join us in listening to this event.

The audio for this event will be fed into the EchoLink *AMSAT* (101377) and *JK1ZRW* (277 208) servers. We hope to have good two way audio from this contact. So far, with previous Skype feed contacts, we had good audio through Skype to get the audio from schools into our EchoLink conference rooms.
As we do normally, as soon as audio is suitable for transmission over
amateur radio, we may be able to start feeding audio of set up
activities from about 10 to 25 minutes prior to the start of the actual contact into EchoLink for listeners who enjoy listening in on these proceedings.

Please note that there are automatic breaks in the audio transmission
every 2.5 minutes during the event and while we listen to preparations
going on for this contact. Each audio break is approximately 1 second long.
Please configure your systems to not time out during times of inactivity or ongoing audio transmissions.

73 de Dieter kx4y

Še link na info na strani RK Pazin: http://www.rkp.hr/active/index.php?opti ... &Itemid=91

73 de S56CT-Tilen

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Vsi časi so UTC + 1 ura

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