Dve diplomi ob dnevu radioamaterjev - 18. aprilu
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Avtor:  s52on [ 17 Apr 2013, 19:04 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Dve diplomi ob dnevu radioamaterjev - 18. aprilu

Pozdrav !
Lepa priložnostna diploma ob 18. aprilu dnevu radioamaterjev !
Pa še zastonj je - če jo želiš v elektronski obliki :lol:


Pa še ena za CW operaterje :
18 April 2013

RUSSIA 18 April Day of Radio Amateurs

Every year on April 18, hams world celebrate their holiday. The Dolphins Radio Club (DRC), sponsors of a series of awards to commemorate the 2014 Winter Olympics makes their own contribution to this informal holiday for ham radio operators.

Rules: On April 18, 2013, contact 18 countries of the world, using the mode of CW. . Send a log extract of these contacts and send to rk6ax@mail.ru and receive in electronic form, an award for your part in the celebration.

E-mail: rk6ax@mail.ru
Internet: http://dolphins49.jimdo.com/

Tks QRZ.ru 4/4/13

Vse to sem našel na tej strani: http://www.dxawards.com/REALSHORT.htm#Antarctica
kjer je še več takih priložnostnih diplom.

Lp Miro

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