Diploma "Leskovac"
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Avtor:  s56oa [ 10 Feb 2013, 09:51 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Diploma "Leskovac"

LESKOVAC diploma can get every radio amateur (and SWL) having held a number of connections with radio amateurs from Leskovac.
Limitations on the frequency, type of work and no time limits. Contacts through repeaters do not count.

It is necessary to:
1. For stations from Serbia a connection with YU1HFG and 5 more connections with cells from Leskovac

2. For stations from abroad a connection with YU1HFG and 3 more connections with cells in Leskovac

For this award, valid QSOs are from 01.01.2010 onward.
Award Manager is Zoran Ilic - YU1IZ.

Requirement for DIPLOMA LESKOVAC sent electronically to diploma.leskovac @ yahoo.com
Diploma is free and will be issued in electronic form.

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