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 Naslov prispevka: FIELD DAY SICILIA VHF 2015
OdgovorObjavljeno: 22 Avg 2015, 17:08 

Pridružen: 28 Okt 2004, 21:07
Prispevkov: 711
ARI - Associazione Radioamatori Italiani
Memorial IW9AFI, Mario Scandura
Sezione 144 MHz
Contest sponsored by the ARI Sicilian Regional Committe

1. DATE & TIME: from 07.00 to 15.00 UTC of the fourth Sunday of August (23/08/2015)

2. Objective: To work as many stations as possible on the 144MHz amateur band. Field Day is open to all amateurs in the countries within IARU Region 1.
Any QSO with authorized OM Stations (in SSB or CW) will be admitted once. No repeaters, translators, satellites or EME contacts are allowed. Only Phone and CW contacts are allowed.

3. BAND: 144 MHz as per IARU Region 1 Band Plan.

4. CATEGORIES: 1A: 144 Fixed;
1B: 144 PORTABLE (note 1);
1C: 144 Sicilian Stations (note 2).

5. EXCHANGE: Stations will exchange the QSO’s progressive number, the six characters locator Maidenhead grid square (e.g. JM77NP) and the signal report. Example: 221, JM77NO, 599.

6. SCORING: QRB POINTS: Each km of distance between the two ends of each QSO is worth 1 point.

6.1 MULTIPLIERS: The QRB in QSO with Sicilian stations (with “9” in the callsign) will be counted twice.

6.2 TOTAL SCORE: Sum of QRB plus sum again of QRB with Sicilian Stations.
Example: Total QRB = 33K Km where the QRB with Sicilans is 14K  Scores is (33K + 14K) = 47K.

7. PENALITY: See general rules for Trofei ARI and IARU Reg. 1 Contest

8. LOG SUBMISSION: Log entries must be submitted by 7 september 2015 to be eligible for awards. We prefer electronic logs in EDI format (Electronic Data Interchange File Format for Contests in IARU Region 1 above 30 MHz).
Send your electronic log to: FieldDaySicilia@Gmail.com using your callsign as subject. The file name consists of category & call sign. Example: 1A-IT9VKY.EDI.

9. WEB INFO: Received logs will be shown here as soon as possible: http://www.iq9bf.it/FDS/
Further information about the contest will be published on the following Facebook page at the URL:
http://www.facebook.co/FDSicilia and https://twitter.com/FieldDaySicilia
where anybody can upload photos, comments, ideas and discussion.

10. SCORES: the official results will be published later on the ARI web site (http://www.ari.it) in the sub section “VHF – Contest – Risultati Contest – Field Day Sicilia 144 MHz “..

11. AWARDS: The first three classified in every category will be awarded with a plaque and a Tee Shirt with the Field Day Sicilia Contest logo.

(note 1) The portable stations must work with self power (the power source must be something other than commercial power mains) and must be located in places that are not regular home station locations and must not use facilities installed for permanent home station use, or use any structure installed permanently.
(note 2) As Sicilian Station we consider any station (fixed or portable) working from Sicily and Sicilian islands (any Italian callsign with the number nine).

Contest Manager Sicilia V/U/SHF - IT9VKY Eugenio Martinetti - FieldDaySicilia@Gmail.com

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