OE8FNK QRV in AA-UHF contest
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Avtor:  OE8FNK [ 16 Jun 2015, 19:47 ]
Naslov prispevka:  OE8FNK QRV in AA-UHF contest

Hi all. This sunday I will be QRV in AA-UHF contest
from JN66RS, 1900m a.s.l. on 70 + 23cm.
This QTH is open to S5, 9A, and (bit of) Italy.
Please look for me at 432.200 - 432.300 Mhz and
1296.150 - 1296.250 Mhz in SSB or CW.

hope to hear you on the band,
73, Fred

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Avtor:  S59GS [ 17 Jun 2015, 06:15 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: OE8FNK QRV in AA-UHF contest

Good morning Fred
Several times i hear two beacon on 3 cm near you, I known your direction, last time nothing to hear Sepp OE8JDK- .JN76CP ( 60 km from you ) is anything active 2m ,70 cm ,23cm yet ? See in the contest ,GL .Slavko

Avtor:  OE8FNK [ 17 Jun 2015, 11:27 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: OE8FNK QRV in AA-UHF contest

Hi Slavko. Good, you hear the 3cm beacons:
10368.814 OE8XXQ JN66UO and
10368.857 OE8XGQ JN66WQ.
There is only one more beacon at 5760.855 OE8XGQ JN66WQ, and thats all in OE8. The 23cm beacon is no longer active.
And there is some activity in OE8: OE8PGQ is often active on 6cm and up, and I do 70/23, still working on the 13cm transverter and 3cm is receive only.
Working on the UHF is not easy in OE8, mountains in every direction, the nearest station is 90km away. Have to do a lot in CW, every QSO feels like "dx" and is very welcome :-)
See you in the contest, GL
73, Fred , OE8FNK/P

Avtor:  S59GS [ 17 Jun 2015, 12:55 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: OE8FNK QRV in AA-UHF contest

3 cm XXQ and XGQ they excellent beacons with 1W power on Dobratsch-2166 m asl ,Gerlitze 1909 m asl here in S5 many uW OM listen . OE8XBK 23 cm not working now (derzeit nicht in Betrieb ) OE8PGQ i know,we have QSO Saturday in contest on 3 cm ( S50BCC ) , Here is >bakenlist < in S5 ,and down HG beacons, I beacons.. 1296,380 –JN75MC You must should hear from JN66RS, 1900 m asl.
Many OM in S5 ( 9A ) will be see you activity in portabel in AA U-S-EHF contest , GL , Slavko.

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