T6JC je ponovno aktiven
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Avtor:  s57u [ 27 Sep 2012, 17:14 ]
Naslov prispevka:  T6JC je ponovno aktiven

Pravkar sem imel QSO z T6JC (S57J) na 14 SSB, ki se je ponovno aktiviral iz Afganistana, kjer bo ostal aktiven nekaj tednov. Tokrat obstaja realna možnost za aktiviranje na 80 in 160m, saj ima za postavitev dovolj prostora, problem pa je višina, vendar verjamem, da se bo Janez znašel in navlekel skupaj dovolj cevi in drugega "gradbenega" materiala, hi!

Polde, S57U/p

Avtor:  S51F [ 27 Sep 2012, 19:01 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: T6JC je ponovno aktiven

Polde hvala za info
in Janez v daljnem T6 lep pozdrav ter varen povratek domov

kar se pa QSO-jev tiče - Janez ob tvojem odnosu do "našega" Miloša in QSL biroja
bi lahko imel zvezo tudi na 432 - pa ne rabim qsl-ke

fajn klofaj in nabiraj ...

73, s51f

Avtor:  s57j [ 20 Feb 2013, 21:15 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: T6JC je ponovno aktiven


Ugotavljam, da se ni dogajalo samo meni.
Prilagam post prijatelja Iliana, T6LG na enem izmed forumov. Mogoče se bo kdo ob branju malo zamislil in mogoče tudi kaj novega naučil.

Lp Janez, S57J

RE: Afghanistan -- Finally !!
Post by: K6UJ on October 25, 2012, 10:56:28 PM

Its a hygain th5-dx. its a little over 60ft from the asphalt below - the top of the hill, which is about 30ft above the surroundings. To the south the drop off is about 30ft out from my antenna, the other directions a little more.

I think the T6 is ignoring me. He has to hear me. I must have done something to make him mad. I heard him about 56 today. He would come back to someone on my tx freq, then i would call.. then he would call cq. a couple times there were not any other callers, but he didnt answer me. He also came back to someone less then 50 miles to me using 100w and a dipole at 40ft. I have a 4el yagi at 60ft, and 1200w. We were about 30hz apart.

I bet if I try with a different call, he will right come back to it! Maybe the times that I could barely hear him he was calling someone else and I QRM'd him and black listed myself. Sucky.

I doubt that he is ignoring you. Sometimes it seems that way, but we dont know what he is hearing on that end. There are plenty of stations calling him that we cant hear. It may seem that there are only one or two on your transmit freq with you but from his end it is probably a different story. Thats one of the things that make DXing challenging, finding our way thru and making the contact. Hang in there and you will make it. When they are working split I seldom call him on the freq of his last contact. I will move up (or down) a little and call him. Typically there is a bunch that pounce on the last contact freq used and the DX station will listen up (or down) a tad for another caller away from the hornets nest. After you listen awhile and note his habits you can plan your strategy. I predict you will be doing the ATNO victory dance very soon. ;D ;D


RE: Afghanistan -- Finally !!
Post by: SV1XV on October 31, 2012, 01:17:21 PM

It seems that the current DX operators serving in Afghanistan are consistent QSLers via LoTW. This month (October 2012) I got three LoTW confirmations, from T6MO (18 MHz CW), T6LG (28 MHz CW) and T6JC (7 MHz CW).

Title: RE: Afghanistan -- Finally !!
Post by: NU1O on October 31, 2012, 01:56:42 PM

I find it very ironic that these two guys in Afghanistan QSL so quickly using LoTW and I still do not have WAS for a single band. I have WAS but mixed bands.


RE: Afghanistan -- Finally !!
Post by: NU1O on November 19, 2012, 03:26:52 PM

In the past two years I have worked all 3 of those stations and received quick LoTW confirmations from each. These men are in a war zone yet manage to upload very frequently to LoTW but I can't get LoTW confirmations from some common states and some very populous countries. It's a shame more are not using LoTW.



RE: Afghanistan -- Finally !!
Post by: LZ1CNN on November 19, 2012, 10:09:59 AM

Hello Guys,
Congratulations for all of you who already have worked T6LG! Thank you so very much for your patience in the pile ups. I have never posted before in any forums... Now, just read all your posts and decided just to say hi and to comment the topic within a "short" answer. I must do it...
First of all, I would like to thank you so much for the good words related to my operation, it is the biggest acknowledgement for me. It was extremely difficult to achieve this result. Getting the license, collecting the equipment, the explanations to the military authorities - what the equipment is and what I will use the equipment for, what the HAM radio is, limitations about the luggage we can carry over here etc... You know! But..., let's leave the applause for the end, it is the beginning of my operation. Everyone who already has received any confirmation by paper QSL or LoTW must be very thankful to Gosho, LZ1ZF - he is the best QSL manager ever. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MY FRIEND FOR YOUR VERY HARD WORKING. I appreciate it! Also I'd like to mention Boycho, LZ1BJ... If somebody enjoy the fast LoTW confirmation and Club log statistics and searches, it is as a result of LZ1BJ's work. Thanks also for Alex, LZ1ADF and Valentin, LZ1DOT for the making and the maintenance of the web page I already have. Thanks to Vasko, LZ1JK - the owner of ACOM, Kon, DF4SA - SPIDER BEAM manufacturer, Bedri, LZ4RR, Boris, LZ2JR for their technical support and to all Bulgarian HAMs who just said to me "GO, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN COPE WITH ". Usually it has been a pleasure to install (build) an antennas. Here is different! Every one doubts you. Nobody helps you, especially the Americans often ask me what is it for, how does it works, how does it influence to their health etc. In this manner I want to say that, a dxpedition like this can not be realized just with desire for.
I saw, somebody mentioned I purposefully ignore or avoid a call-signs which calling me. Guys, nobody has to call me with wrong call, nobody has done something to make me mad... Just remember the noise level here is extremely high. I took a few videos of the local noise but the slow Internet connection doesn't allow me to upload it. Just will say that on 20m the noise is S7 - S9; 15m - S8; 10m S6-S7... Nothing can help you in this noisy environment, sometimes a pair of very good ears. It is not necessary to mention low bands noise level, is it...? On 80m is normally plus 20db over S9. But... it is only the noise. I am under an obligation to mention the European bad behavior. No body wants to listen! How can I pull an overseas bear food station up from the noise if 5 or 10 Europeans call me at the same time? Is it ignoring? When I start to send "NA or SA ONLY", and don't answer them, they just start to tune on my RX frequency or to transmit multi dash signals. It is the worst of all, not the noise! I'd like to let all of you know I don't spend the whole my spare time on the radio just to have a fun... I am on the radio to do my best, to give all of you from HAM radio brotherhood a little bit better chance to work Afghanistan! I WILL keep trying! Please keep trying to work me, too.
Now, I intend to install a kind of receiving low noise antenna, especially for the low bands. Unfortunately, the antenna space is not so appropriate, but will play it by ear. I am unexperienced or not familiar with this antennas. Expect some staff and advices from Prest, N6SS and Jose, N4IS. Thanks in advance guys! Eric, T6MO who is 100km away noticed me about the local noise here, but I have never expected so high levels. BTW, Eric visited me here while I was installing Inv. V for 80m. He is pretty good boy!He noticed me recently that a new HAM is here, very close to me, about 2km - it is Mike, T6MH. I am happy he prefers RSK31 and SSB - I have enough QRM sources ;D.
Last but not least, want to thank to my family - my wife Diana, LZ2GID and my so cute little boys Ivaylo and Lachezar! You miss me so much!
Sorry for my poor English!!!

Regards from Afghanistan!
73s Ilian, T6LG (LZ1CNN, YI9LZ)

Avtor:  s57yx [ 21 Feb 2013, 09:10 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: T6JC je ponovno aktiven

UF, kdo mi to prevede ?

Avtor:  s57j [ 21 Feb 2013, 21:51 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: T6JC je ponovno aktiven

s57yx napisal/-a:
UF, kdo mi to prevede ?

Jah Slavko, verjetno imaš prav. Original ima večjo težo in verodostojnost, pa sem ga prilepil. Se opravičujem.

Torej na kratko in »prosto po Prešernu«.

Na nekem ameriškem forumu se nekdo pritožuje, da ga T6LG noče poklofati, ker ga je verjetno dal na črno listo, ko je klical medtem, ko je T6LG že poklical nekoga drugega.

Pravi, da ima anteno TH5-DX na cca 18 metrih nad asfaltom, lokacija na vrhu hribčka, ki je cca 9 m dvignjen nad okolico. Uporablja oddajno moč 1200 W.
Pravi, da je tisti dan poskušal doklicati T6LG, ki je imel signal 56. Večkrat je odgovoril komu drugemu, ki ga je klical točno na njegovi (pritoževalčevi) frekvenci. Nato je T6LG nekajkrat klical CQ in se mu ni nihče javil, razen njega, pa mu ni hotel odgovoriti. Pa bi ga MORAL slišati! T6LG je prišel nazaj njegovemu »sosedu«, ki je oddaljen 50 milj, uporablja pa samo 100 W in dipol na 12 m višine. Na frekvenci pa je bil sosed samo 30 Hz stran.
Pravi še, da gre stavit, da če bi poklical s kakim drugim znakom, bi mu T6LG takoj odgovoril.

Nekdo drug »pritoževalcu« odgovarja, da dvomi, da ga T6LG ignorira iz kakršnegakoli vzroka. Pravi, da mi na tej strani ne moremo vedeti kaj se dogaja na DX strani in kaj operator tam sliši. Kliče ga lahko veliko postaj, ki jih mi sploh ne slišimo. Nam se samo zdi, da na naši oddajni frekvenci oddajata samo še kaki dve drugi postaji, na DX strani pa je druga zgodba. To je ena od stvari, ki nas izzove, da se potrudimo najti svoj način, kako poklofati Dxa. Potrebno je poslušati in ugotoviti navade in operatoriko DX operaterja in ga šele potem začeti klicati. Ni ravno produktivno poklicati na tisti frekvenci, na kateri smo slišali postajo, ki jo je ravnokar poklofal. Pritoževalcu priporoča naj se še malo potrudi in mu bo gotovo uspelo.

Potem je vmes nekaj komentarjev o tem, da lahko vojaki – radioamaterji, ki delajo v vojnem območju skoraj vsakodnevno potrjujejo nove zveze preko LoTW sistema. Medtem pa drugi, v normalno svobodnih in obljudenih državah in USA stejtih tega ne zmorejo.

Očitno je nekdo Iliana opozoril na omenjeno razpravo in je na istem forumu tudi odgovoril.

Pravi, da nikoli ni pisal na nobenem forumu. Ko pa je videl zgoraj omenjeni komentar, se je odloči, da mora odgovoriti. Najprej se zahvaljuje vsem, ki ga podpirajo in izrekajo pohvale za njegovo delo. To mu je največje priznanje za vse napore, ki jih je in jih še vlaga v radioamatersko delo v T6. Pravi, da je ekstremno težko doseči tak uspeh. Pridobiti licenco, zbrati vso opremo in jo ob vseh omejitvah volumna in teže prtljage spraviti v T6, pojasnjevati vojaškim oblastem zakaj bo rabil vso to opremo, kaj sploh je HAM radio. Pravi, da mu je ponavadi v veselje postavljati antene. V T6 je drugače! Vsakdo te nekaj sumi, dvomi vate, nihče ti noče pomagati, posebno Američani pogosto sprašujejo, zakaj so te velike antene, kako delujejo, kako vplivajo na njihovo zdravje, ali mogoče zaradi teh anten njim ne deluje internet itd.. Pravi še, da take ekspedicije ni možno realizirati samo z željo po njej. Zahvaljuje se vsem, ki so mu kakorkoli pomagali: QSL managerju, vzdrževalcema njegove spletne strani in vsem, ki so mu rekli POJDI, TI TO LAHKO NAREDIŠ, TI TO ZMOREŠ.

Na zgoraj omenjeno pritoževanje o ignoriranju pa pravi, da nikogar namenoma »ne sliši«. Nikomur ni potrebno, da bi ga klical s kakim drugim klivnim znakom, nihče ga ni ujezil. Opozarja pa, da je nivo šuma izredno visok in ga za posamezne bande tudi navede v S stopnjah. Posnel je nekaj videov, ki pa jih zaradi počasnega in omejenega interneta ne more naložiti. Pravi, da ni stvari, ki bi ti lahko pomagala v tistem okolju slišati »švootne« postaje razen para dobrih ušes. (Iz lastnih izkušenj poznam situacijo, tudi jaz imam posnetih par video klofanja. Ob naknadnem poslušanju ugotavljam, da sedaj večkrat slišim čisto druge postaje, ki sem jih klofal v realnem času.) Pravi tudi, da mora omeniti bedno obnašanje EU radioamaterjev. Nihče noče poslušati! Kako naj iz motenj izvleče kako oddaljeno postajo, če ga hkrati kliče 5-10 EU postaj? Ali je to ignoriranje? Če hoče delati samo NA ali SA, začnejo EU uglaševati postaje na njegovi sprejemni frekvenci ali oddajati serije pik. To je najhujše od vsega, ne visok nivo šuma. Ilian še pravi, naj se vsi zavedajo, da ne porabi vsega prostega časa za radioamaterstvo samo zaradi svoje zabave. Poskuša narediti vse, da bi čimveč HAMom omogočil malo boljšo možnost, da naredijo zvezo z Afganistanom. Tako bo delal še naprej, prosi pa tudi vse radioamaterje naj tudi oni še poskušajo.
Pravi tudi, da je naročil posebno anteno za poslušanje na spodnjih bandih, posebej na 1,8 MHz. Čeprav za njeno postavitev nima ustreznega prostora, bo poskušal narediti najbolje kar se da.

Naj dodam še malo svojega komentarja.
Vse, kar je zgoraj opisano, sem tudi sam doživel.
Kaka dva meseca po tem, ko je Ilian napisal zgoraj navedeni post na forumu, je res dobil in postavil anteno za sprejem na 1,8 in bil dokaj redno aktiven na tem bandu. Tudi jaz sem naredil zvezo z njim na 1,8 MHz. Ko sva se tistega dne slišala po skajpi, mi je čestital in povedal, da sem velik srečkovič, saj je tisto noč zadnjič delal na tem bandu.
Zdaj ga že kak teden ni več slišati na bandih. Pred kako uro pa mi je napisal, da je še vedno v T6, vendar bo kmalu doma.

LP Janez, S57J

Avtor:  s57yx [ 22 Feb 2013, 08:36 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: T6JC je ponovno aktiven

Bravo Janez !
Zanimiv članek, ki je dobil še večjo težo s prevodom,
vsebinsko, pa brez opravičevanja. Se slišiva na bandu,
veliko RA užitkov in vrni se cel in zdrav.

Avtor:  s57j [ 23 Feb 2013, 09:54 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: T6JC je ponovno aktiven

brez skrbi, sem že dolgo doma.

LP Janez, S57J

Avtor:  s57yx [ 25 Feb 2013, 19:45 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: T6JC je ponovno aktiven

Ojej Janez, sem spregledal datum. SRY.

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