Nova razdelitev frekvenc v USA
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Avtor:  s55o [ 15 Nov 2006, 19:45 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Nova razdelitev frekvenc v USA

Lep pozdrav!

Večina jih to že pozna, a za tiste, ki ne veste je Ameriški FCC sprejel razširitev frekvenc za nekatere klase.
Več o tem (na žalost povezava v angleščini):


Boštjan S55O

Avtor:  S50DX [ 06 Dec 2006, 10:10 ]
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Našel na enem od forumov.

lpa.- 8)

Some Suggested Keyboarding Activity/CQ/ Calling Frequencies
for the new 80 meter band for USA:

BPSK31 = 3545kHz USB (3545.3-3548. 0 kHz)

QPSK31/PSK63/ 125 = 3547kHz USB (3547.3-3550. 0 kHz)

MFSK = 3548kHz USB (3548.3-3551. 0 kHz)

OLIVIA = 3549kHz USB (3549.3-3553. 0 kHz)

PAX/CONTESTIA/ DOMINO, etc = 3550kHz USB (3550.3-3554. 0 kHz)

HELL/FMHELL = 3552 USB (3552.3-3555 kHz)

MT63 = 3553 USB (3553.3-3556)

RTTY/FSK = 3555+ USB (3555.3-3565 kHz)

Proposed 80 meter Bandplan 2007 for USA
3500-3540 = CW
3540-3560 = Any Mode, 500Hz Bandwidth
3560-3600 = Any Mode


The new FCC subband changes for USA hams go into effect on 15 December

On 80 meters, Data and Keyboarding activity will be pushed down lower
in the band than ever before. CW is allowed in the full 500kHz of
spectrum in the 3500kHz to 4000kHz band. But Data and Keyboarding are
limited to only 100kHz of spectrum the 3500kHz-3600kHz subband. It is
expected that mainstream CW activity will consume the bottom 40kHz or
so (excluding nets).

In an effort to get us going with some new digital keyboarding calling
and CQ activity frequencies, I am suggesting the above starting
frequencies. Remember, they are simply suggested starting points. The
3500-3600 kHz 80m Data Subband is "wide open" for operators to go
anywhere there is a clear frequency available. :)

The suggested frequency list includes USB (upper sideband) and the
"actual frequency" range, because many digi texting operators in USA
are more familiar with the VFO dial setting.

73--- Bonnie KQ6XA

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