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In this months radcom on the novice page is a bit asking do we need a Morse
sig for the @ ,so we can send our e mail qth over air
Do we need it and is it wise to do, already some of my friends have had
begging letters in the post I would rather see a Morse sig for the !!!!
which has been lost in the mists of time....72 de Patrick gw0vmr
*****************************************************@ = didah dah73, Ray
There are only four four-symbol characters that are not used in English: .-.- =
a umlaut, ---. o umlaut, ..-- u umlaut, and ---- ='ch' (see
http://www.qsl.net/la3za/Morse. To get a short character for the @ I would
suggest the .-.-:- It is short
- For Germans, Scandiavians etc, it already has a meaning with an 'a' in it, so
it is easy to remember; and there should be no problem to tell from the context
whether the natiuve letter or the @ is meant.
Another alternative that already has a meaning related to 'a' is the .--.-
meaning 'a ring' or 'a grave', but it is longer, so I would prefer the .-.-
Sverre____________________________________73 de LA3ZAhttp://www.qsl.net/la3za

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