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 Naslov prispevka: Nova verzija Winlog32 - 4.4.03
OdgovorObjavljeno: 28 Jun 2008, 08:04 
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Pridružen: 01 Jan 2006, 11:01
Prispevkov: 1149
Kraj: Lendava
Že 6 dni je zunaj nova verzija Winloga32, 4.4.03. Samo kot opomnik za tiste, ki jih uspava "pogosto" posodabljanje...

73, S51AY

Pa še novosti:

Winlog32, released 22 June 2008

Rig Control
Fixed 'Return To Previous Freq' in various RCW's
Added FT-450 to Yaesu V RCW

Print QSL (label) functions.
Added option to Change Font attributes for printed Callsign, e.g. Font style, Bold, Colour.
Added option in QSLOUT Log field: enter "M" will select previous QSO with same station and add "B" to QSLOUT field to enable easy selection for multi-QSL label printing. Only QSO where QSL has not been sent before will be selected.

DXCluster Alerts.
Added alert for worked but not confirmed (dark Red-Brown), this is optional and default is OFF.
Added alert for "All Time New One" where the red text becomes most prominent.
Added alert for unidentified or ambiguous Callsigns in cluster spots e.g. "CQ" - text will be 'greyed'

Some enhancements to enable updating or adding User awards databases without affecting QSO data already entered from the Log. menu/Database/User/'Update User Databases' - this requires a file from whoever produced the original database 'User.MDB' (called User.TPL) and should be placed in ..\Winlog32\DATA folder.
N.B. The User awards database(s) are not provided by or the responsibility of me! - I just provide the programming interface.

DXCC Database
Disabled the 'proper Case' editing feature - this feature prevented manually entering Country names like "engLAND" - such an entry would always be displayed as "England", this feature now disabled to allow editing to any format required (as ENGLAND/england/England). I Will re-instate this feature in future if enough requests.

Some changes to QRZ Callbook interface, can now access QRZ callbook installed to hard drive, also extracts email address and any images present in QRZ Callbook installation can be displayed.

LOG added ignore 'Conversion Error' table in loaded logs
WAS Database Fixed query giving wrong stats. in 'Worked/Not Confirmed'
Winkey Fixed Prosign BT "=" was displayed incorrect "-"

Updated DXCluster 'node' database.

Updated Prefix Database.

73 - G0CUZ

73 de Arpi-S51AY , HSC#1267, CTC#2268, EPC#3826, FH#1448, DMC#2139, 30MDG#3904, BDM#0288, TRC#005SLO, NDG#0851, HPC#451, ERC#0989

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Vsi časi so UTC + 1 ura

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