"Just for fun" kontest DominoEX
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Avtor:  s54mtb [ 01 Mar 2016, 07:58 ]
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/r/amateurradio March Contest!

submitted 3 days ago * by MyrddinWyllt[Extra][Some Code Lid][M] - stickied post

Welcome to the first /r/amateurradio contest! Each month we'll pick a mode or some operating activity and try and out do each other on the air.

This month, we'll be using the digital mode DominoEX. Any version of DominoEX may be used, but DominoEX 11 should be assumed as default. Operating should take place only on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands, within the sub-bands appropriate for digital contacts. Exchange should be a simple r/s/t and your Reddit username (as /u/username, not just username, so I would send /u/MyrddinWyllt).

The contest will run from 00:00:00UTC on 01 March, 2016 through 23:59:59UTC 31 March, 2016.

We'll keep the scoring simple this time - 1 point for every non-redditor you contact, 2 points for every redditor, and because the mods are great people, a contact with an /r/amateurradio mod is worth 3 points. In the future we may take actual log submissions, but to get this off the ground we're just going to trust everyone. A new thread will be started on April 1st to submit your scores. I'll give the specific formatting then, but just enter a comment with the number of non-redditors, number of redditors, and number of mods you've contacted. We might figure out something for the winner(s?). We might not. Remember that this is just for fun, you're not winning cash or an Elecraft K3S or something, so please don't violate our trust and please be truthful in your score submissions.

Since there's a lot of places out there to hide on the air, feel free to facilitate making contacts in our irc channel or in the newly formed /r/amateurradioskeds.

This thread won't be stickied, but will be linked to in the announcement bar at the top of the sub.

If you have questions, comments, ideas for improvement, ideas for next month, whatever reply below. This is very much a new thing for us and so it will gradually evolve and improve over time. With any luck I'll have figured out a way for automated log checking for next time, either something like cabrillo evaluator or something I/someone writes to do it. Depending on participation, we may start breaking up things by band as well, or adding in multipliers. The sky is the limit!

Don't forget! We've got the Reddit Worked All States and Worked All Redditors awards. These are also very much works in progress, but you can begin earning credit towards them as we build those programs as well.

edit: stickying for a day or so, we'll use the titlebar in the future

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