FT8 enourni testni kontest
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Avtor:  s58g [ 19 Nov 2018, 08:25 ]
Naslov prispevka:  FT8 enourni testni kontest


Zgleda, da so pred vrati tudi že FT8 contesti. Če kdo ne more spati:
A one-hour "practice contest" will be held tomorrow using the FT8 mode
and the ARRL RTTY Roundup rules.

Tuesday, November 20, 0200-0300 UTC (Monday evening, NA time)

Dial frequency 7.078 MHz (and higher, in 2 kHz increments, if too much
QRM). Secondary dial frequency, especially for those in other parts of
the world: 14.078 MHz.

Everyone works everyone.

To participate you must use WSJT-X 2.0.0-rc4. Installation packages for
Windows, Linux, and macOS can be found near the bottom of this web page:

Note that this Release Candidate 4 ("RC4") is a beta-test version. A
full release of WSJT-X 2.0 is targeted for release on December 10, 2018.

A revised Quick-Start Guide to WSJT-X 2.0 for RC4 is posted here:
https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1 ... -X_2.0.pdf

Be sure to read this entire document before using WSJT-X 2.0. There
have been many changes since RC3.


1. On the *Settings | Advanced* tab, be sure to check the
*Special operating activity* and *ARRL RTTY Roundup* options. In the
field labeled "Exch" enter the 2- or 3-letter abbreviation for your
state or province (US/Canadian stations) or DX if you are not in the US
or Canada.

2. Be sure that 7.078 and 14.078 appear in your drop-down frequency list
for FT8 mode. You might need to do a *Reset* on the *Settings |
Frequencies* tab. If the sub-band starting at 7.078 becomes
over-crowded we suggest moving to higher dial frequencies in 2 kHz
increments: 7.080, 7.082, etc. Type Ctrl+Shift+F12 to move up by 2 kHz,
Ctrl+Shift+F11 to move down by 2 kHz. You might want to change
Bins/Pixel or adjust the width of the Wide Graph so as to limit the
range of frequencies displayed to 0 - 2000 Hz.

3. Do not use a compound or nonstandard callsign in this event.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT

73 de Damijan

Avtor:  s58g [ 19 Nov 2018, 10:29 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: FT8 enourni testni kontest

In 1.,2. decembra bo šlo že zares:


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