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Avtor Sporočilo
 Naslov prispevka: ATV JA
OdgovorObjavljeno: 04 Dec 2015, 10:38 

Pridružen: 28 Okt 2004, 21:07
Prispevkov: 950
Hello Rudi,

ATV is also operated by a good number of radio amateurs in Japan.
SSTV on HF bands is the most popular mode, but fast scan TV on UHF/SHF bands is also operated by interested people.

Due to geographical location, ATV on UHF/SHF bands is limited to domestic operation/QSO. The interested people have their websites, but they are written in Japanese.
I can list some of them and perhaps you can look at some pictures and drawings.

http://ja8fsa.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/20 ... -d148.html

In earlier days, there was an analog ATV transmitter kit or a hand held receiver with LCD display. However, no such equipment for Digital ATV is available and ATV operators in Japan are importing DVB devices from Europe. There are one manufacturer called Maki Denki which is still supplying microwave Up Converters.
Its website is also in Japanese, but you can see what kind of equipment is available.


I wish these materials be of your help.

73 de JARL International
Ken Yamamoto/JA1CJP
e-mail: intl@jarl.org
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From: Rudi Pavlič [mailto:rudi.pavlic@siol.com]
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To: 'JARL International'
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Hello Ken,
I note that in Japan there is the maximum number of radio amateurs per
Japanese production of amateur radio equipment is also well known.
But I don’t find anything about ATV, something of microwave.... I tried, we
tried to contact a firm that works for microwave, but we didn’t get any
Is it possible to get e-mail address, which can help us to understand how
the situation in Japan is like? Where is it possible to get some
information, to buy the products …
Is your magazine also “electronic “?

(Ciao Ken

Constato che ce, in percentuale, il più alto numero di radioamatori per
abitante in Giappone.

La produzione Giapponese di apparecchi radioamatoriali è nota.

Pero non “trovo” niente di ATV. Poco di microonde …. Ho provato, abbiamo
provato, a contattare una ditta che lavora per microonde, ma non ci anno

Si può avere qualche indirizzo elettronico, che ci può aiutare a capire cosa
succede da voi? Che ci si possa informare, che si possa comperare dei
prodotti …

La vostro rivista e forse “elettronica”?)

73 s58ru

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 Naslov prispevka: Re: ATV JA
OdgovorObjavljeno: 24 Okt 2016, 08:12 

Pridružen: 28 Okt 2004, 21:07
Prispevkov: 950
Hello Rudi, S58RU and group,

Thank you for your e-mal on ATV topics.

However, I am afraid we have no expert on ATV in JARL HQ.
There are some people eagerly experimenting ATV in Japan
and I would recommend you to visit a home page of JJ1RUF.

It is all written in Japanese language, but perhaps you can try
Google translation and get some ideas.

I wish this is of some help to you.

73 de JARL International
Ken Yamamoto JA1CJP


We are amateurs who are also dealing with ATV. In this period our main activity is the assimilation of the DVB-T.

At least once a year we have a meeting and we exchange our experiences, opinions, problems, . . . . about our ATV activities.

We noticed that we are few and we are not enough informed about the news.

We refer to you with a request if you could present your opinions, experiences, tips, desires, hints , . . . . from this activity.

Thanks in advance!

73 s58ru

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