ATV Meeting /Srečanje ATV pri Fieldday Dobl (5.7. 14:00)
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Avtor:  oe6rke [ 29 Jun 2014, 12:40 ]
Naslov prispevka:  ATV Meeting /Srečanje ATV pri Fieldday Dobl (5.7. 14:00)

During the Fieldday in Dobl near Graz will be Held an ATV Meeting on saturday 5th july starting from 14:00.
There is scheduled an info Exchange regarding actual atv Topics there as d-atv and ip atv.
Also the possible threat of loosing 23cm for atv (because of gps Provider) will be a Topic.
atv Operators form oe1, oe3, oe4, oe5, oe6 and oe8 annouced already their participation.

more Details regarding the field day is set here: http://www.oevsv.at/modules/events/2014 ... index.html

se vidimo a dobl, 73 de oe6rke, ciao, lep poždrav Robert

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