14 august NEW iss contact with france in europe
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Avtor:  s53apr [ 10 Avg 2015, 08:25 ]
Naslov prispevka:  14 august NEW iss contact with france in europe

Dogodek bomo spremljali z vrha Velike Slivnice,
lahko se nam pridružite.

Zbor do 21 ure v planinskem domu na Slivnici,
zamudniki najkasneje do 21:30 local na vrhu.


Prilagam originalno sporočilo:

ARISS contact for Astronomy Festival in France audible in Europe

An International Space Station contact is planned for Fleurance Astronomy Festival, College H. Reeves, Fleurance, France. The event is scheduled for Friday August 14 at 19:42 UTC, which is 21:42 CEST. This will be a telebridge radio contact between RS0ISS and IK1SLD.

The signals from space will be audible in Europe on 145.800MHz FM.

Fleurance is a small town located in the South-West of France near Toulouse, in the Gers department, with about 7000 inhabitants. One of the main specialties of this city is the French gastronomy, and especially everything made from duck (e.g. french foie gras, duck magret) and melon. In terms of beverages, Gers is the home region of Armagnac (french alcohol made from white wine), Floc de Gascogne (made from Armagnac and grape must) and Pousse-Rapiére (made from Armagnac and a kind of Champagne).

Since 1991, the French Astronomy Festival takes place in August in Fleurance where more than 10.000 people attend this summer event, the largest European festival on astronomy and space topics. More than 50 international researchers as well as astronauts are welcomed and give lectures to everyone coming to the festival over the week. Since 2006, Astro-jeunes, a kids festival, is organized during the same week, and welcomes more than 200 children per day to unveil them the mysteries of our Universe and the Space conquest history. A dozen of children from this festival and the Fleurance high-school "Hubert Reeves" (sponsor of the Festival) have prepared this contact both with their physics and English teachers.

contact in voice by Gennary Padalka RN3DT. commander ISS

Avtor:  s53apr [ 14 Avg 2015, 21:38 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: 14 august NEW iss contact with france in europe

Odličen prehod,
odličen zvok ...


Avtor:  s50ld [ 17 Avg 2015, 13:07 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: 14 august NEW iss contact with france in europe

Se strinjam!

Sam sem sicer zadevo spremljal v Slovenj Gradcu in sicer z Kenwood TH-D71 in DK7ZB OS 2+2el za 70cm in 2m...

Super se je videlo in tudi zelo dobro slišalo.

Avtor:  S59GS [ 11 Okt 2015, 17:21 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: 14 august NEW iss contact with france in europe

Nam zelo blizu bo dogodek - kontakt z ISS , ki ga planirajo čez mesec dni študenti v Gradcu – OE6 – kjer imajo na razpolago naslednje termine :
|------------ UTC -----------| |-------- CEWT ------|

<Mon 09Nov15 08:05:46 08:16:21 313/09:05:46 09:16:21 44 D-E 1062 OE6XUG
<Mon 09Nov15 09:42:15 09:52:48 313/10:42:15 10:52:48 49 D-W 1063 OE6XUG

*Tue 10Nov15 07:12:37 07:23:07 314/08:12:37 08:23:07 37 D-E 1077 OE6XUG
<Tue 10Nov15 08:49:10 08:59:51 314/09:49:10 09:59:51 82 D-W 1078 OE6XUG

*Wed 11Nov15 07:56:04 08:06:45 315/08:56:04 09:06:45 65 D-E 1093 OE6XUG
<Wed 11Nov15 09:32:36 09:42:39 315/10:32:36 10:42:39 25 D-W 1094 OE6XUG

*Thu 12Nov15 07:02:56 07:13:32 316/08:02:56 08:13:32 47 D-E 1108 OE6XUG
<Thu 12Nov15 08:39:25 08:49:53 316/09:39:25 09:49:53 42 D-W 1109 OE6XUG

*Fri 13Nov15 07:46:15 07:56:55 317/08:46:15 08:56:55 73 D-W 1124 OE6XUG

*Sat 14Nov15 06:53:05 07:03:46 318/07:53:05 08:03:46 72 D-E 1139 OE6XUG

Avtor:  S53K [ 11 Okt 2015, 21:43 ]
Naslov prispevka:  Re: 14 august NEW iss contact with france in europe

uporabna stran je tudi :


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