ISS QSO on Echolink
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Avtor:  S50DX [ 16 Avg 2004, 06:44 ]
Naslov prispevka:  ISS QSO on Echolink

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ISS QSO on Echolink -- Monday (16 Aug. 2004):

ian abel (G3ZHI) on August 15, 2004
ISS QSO on Echolink Monday 2004-8-16:

On Monday 2004-8-16 at 18:05 UTC the iss will have a 10-minute two-way QSO with the Challenger Learning Center at Prairie Aviation Museum, Bloomington, IL.

Questions will be asked by a group of students.

The plan is to stream the international space station audio in the echolink amsat conference room, room number 101377.

You are welcome to drop in and listen to the QSO.

If you would be willing to help and stream an iss school/college contact then please let me know that way the contact could be heard around the world. And Hams could then transmit the audio locally so any school/college with a scanner could also listen to it.

For up-coming ISS events visit:


Please contact me if you are willing to help or have any questions.

73 Ian G3ZHI

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